Shown and Told

This is a short piece I submitted to an online magazine a few weeks ago. They asked for something 100 words or less. I felt brave enough to share a piece outside of my blog. It was not accepted, but I felt very pleased with it and figured I would share it here.

It’s something that I wrote when thinking about everyone who just wants to be themselves in this world.


It’s been forever. Forever to the minute since I let it all out.

I still can’t wrap my head around it.

This was the last place I expected to be, but here I am. For better or worse, this is the path now laid before me. There is no turning back.

That moment will forever leave its mark on me. A mark I now have no choice but to carry as a banner advertising my truth. I cannot hide what I am anymore. Just as none have ever succeeded at hiding the elephant in the room.

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