It’s the duality of hammers to both break and build. That’s my aim. Break down the worn and rotted and build up the fresh and flourishing. One idea at a time. It’s words. It’s humor. It’s a little gruff observation. Sometimes I tell a pessimistic story to remind myself to be optimistic. If I strike true, I’ll remind you too.

Why the neon? Would it bother you if I said I just like neon? Okay. There’s more to it than that. It’s both a reminder of a place I’ll always call home and an evocation of my retro-futuristic aesthetic of choice. A bleak, corporate hellscape lit by a warm and hopeful glow.

Let me tell you stories. Let me entertain. Let me smash some things, build others, and be a bit of light on a dark, rainy street corner.

Let’s go some place weird together.