Flash: 03: Play Alone

This one was fun. Good, quirky fun!



I woke up with a mouth full of dust again this morning. The ground was softer this time, at least. Arms free, but legs always take doing. It’s mid day before I am walking again, but I don’t see where they brought me from this time. It’s all the same out here. White as far as the horizon. Something puts me off balance and I stumble a bit. These first steps are always tough, but never this tough.

My foot is gone. Must have left it back there in the dirt. I don’t want to go back for it. It wasn’t really all that nice and it just seemed to get in the way. Never did work right. Never did look right, either. I’m not sure it was even really mine to begin with. Must have gotten it off some other poor sod that lost theirs digging themselves out of a hole like I did.

Heat ripples along the ground. I pretend I’m walking on a lake. I am risen! I can’t help but laugh when I pretend at things like that. The sound is startling. Tinny and hoarse. I probably shouldn’t do that again. That sort of thing is why I’m always so easy for them to find. It’s good sport, but one time, I would like to be able to get away. Just to make the game a little more fair. I need some points too.

Everyone screams and runs when I come back to them. They play just like all the others. Like the little, short ones. Though they don’t seem to laugh quite as much. I suppose I have actually never heard them laugh. They yell at me to leave. To get away and never come back. They do like to be dramatic in play. I make the large gestures they taught me. They scatter and I have a laugh again. It sounds like shrieking blades this time.

They throw rocks. It’s all in good fun. I pretend to get hurt and start to run away. It’s what they want. All part of the game. Some of them chase me. They ride after me, meat on meat. Big, noisy meat. Sometimes they shoot and that’s good fun too. The holes can be pretty and I like to be see-through. I’m fast, but not as fast as their big meat machines. They always catch me, but it’s just a game. One time I would like to win. To get away and see someplace else. I don’t really mind though. They die of old age and I win that way. Meat dies. Metal has never lived.

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