Flash: 01: The Sign

Okay, so I’m trying something new.

Every week, I will post a piece of flash fiction. Just a few hundred words or so. It will be written off the cuff that morning. Usually as a warm up for the day’s other writing. Here’s the first one.

A little exercise for me. A little free entertainment for you.

Let me know what you think!



Dammit… Forgot to pull the curtains closed all the way again. The light from the sign across the street is punching me right in the face. Too tired to get up and fix it, but it’s going to drive me nuts. I try to shift a few inches down on the bed, but it’s no use. The sign’s just too damn bright.

I throw the sheet off and swing my legs over the side. I can almost feel it burning on my back. If I sit here long enough, I too might be able to advertise for Harbor Pulse Audio.

The floor is cold and the air a bit damp. Heat’s been broken for a few days. I step over to the window and pull the curtains open to look my enemy in the face. The glass is fogged, but I don’t bother to wipe it. That sign stares at me. Cutting through the haze. Taunting me. It’s worse than the last one. The one I started a petition to take down. Every night, I lie in bed and listen for cursing coming from the units above and below me. Since the new sign went up, no one says “hello” anymore. No one looks at me in the halls.

Harbor Pulse Audio. “We’ll make you feel it!”

That’s the real kicker. They do. Every Friday night. The sign vomits music right onto the side of our building. They might as well drive a thousand dump trucks into the wall over the course of the night. What I wouldn’t do to have Roy’s Fish and Chips flood my room with its warm, welcoming light again. I suppose no good deed goes unpunished. Roy’s went out of business a week ago and there’s been a dead fish outside my door nearly every morning since.

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