Update: Frequency 

So, I got the new layout up and running the other day. I’m quite pleased with it. Hope you all are too.

I just wanted to make a post this morning to give you guys a heads up about what to expect for updates. As of right now, I am currently posting here on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tuesday updates will be more along the lines of personal posts. Some of my ruminations about things I deal with and their effect on my work. Maybe that’s boring for some, but at the same time, I hope that my words can be helpful to a few people. I have found the whole blogging experience to be rather therapeutic for me, so it’s worth it for that.

Thursdays will be the day for my flash fiction posts. Typically a small sprout of an idea I had during the previous week and a warm up for that day’s other writing. Some of these ideas (such as Flash: 02) will be expanded on at some time. I will likely increase the frequency of these posts in the future. Possibly adding another one on Wednesdays.

As I am just cutting my teeth with the blog while juggling work on other short fiction and gearing up to revise my novel, I will keep the posts at just those two days a week.

I appreciate the feedback I have gotten so far and encourage feedback comments on the posts themselves. I hope you all enjoy my work as it rolls out in the future.



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